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How & Now Weekend 
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Speak More:Marketing 
Ready, Aim, Target! How to Find and Focus Your Marketing on The Ideal Client.
By Marty Grunder 
Marty GrunderThink of your favorite clients. The ones you would clone, if could. The ones you love to work with. The ones who are highly profitable. The ones who love what you do and the difference you make. The ones you can and do serve best. Why not find and focus on being busy and booked with THOSE clients? Marty will show you how so that you can: 
  • Use a five-step process to identify your Ideal Client.
  • Hone in on your Ideal Client's wants and needs so that you become the go-to person to meet them.
  • Market and communicate in ways that resonate with and attracts more and more of them. 
So Why Should I Hire You? 
By Maribeth Kuzmeski, MBA, CSP
Maribeth KuzmeskiLearn to use a simple method that will help you craft the most powerful words about what you will deliver to an audience, who you are, and why people should hire you. You invest in your speaking skills, but none of that matters until you get hired. Learn how to answer the question a potential client may ask (or be thinking), "So, why should I hire you?" 

Maribeth will zero in on how to use powerful words that clearly set you apart and generate more bookings and referrals: 
  • What to say about the benefits and deliverables of your program, instead of merely describing your topic, content and client list.
  • Train yourself to use the best messaging, comfortably and confidently to attract and respond to client inquiries.
  • Generate powerful word of mouth, industry buzz and referrals that are consistent with your message and bring you better prospects who are already interested in what you can do for them. 
Start Writing More Persuasive Marketing Copy--Right Now.
By Gerry Lantz
Gerry LantzMost marketing messages get skipped, deleted or trashed almost instantly. You have only seconds to grab and hold your reader. Gerry Lantz, former ad agency Big Wig, will show you exactly how to write copy that gets read, gets action and gets you more gigs. With Gerry's simple and memorable tools, and fast and furious fundamentals, you will save beaucoup bucks by not having to hire a copywriter for your website, program descriptions, sales emails or one-sheets. You'll create your own powerful headlines, compelling body copy, and a call-to-action that goes beyond "learn more" or an email address. Gerry believes in the power of stories to sell. He will show you how to unleash this secret weapon you were born with, but often forget to use. Tell stories prospects can see themselves in and they will they stay engaged and buy you and what you are selling. 

By Monday morning you can write copy (if not have it in hand already) that will: 
  • Center on customer needs, opportunities, or pain so that you are seen as providing outcomes, not just information, which positions you for higher fees and repeat business.
  • Build your pipeline of prospects, make your phone and cash register ring, and generate more sales conversations and revenue.
  • Trigger the decision (intellectual) and purchase (emotional) you desire, persuading clients quickly and more easily, filling your calendar faster. 
Stop Pitching, Start Solving and Win More Sales
By Tim Wackel
Tim WackelWhy do speakers spend countless hours rehearsing what they want to say to the audience, but they invest little or no time at all thinking about what they need to ask the decision maker who hires them? Experience tells us that the questions you ask (and how you ask them) will increase your sales success faster than anything you'll ever say. If you can't engage clients, then the conversation usually ends with them saying "go ahead and send me some info and I'll get back to you." 

This session has been designed to help today's speaker: 
  • Ask more thought-provoking (and less mind-numbing) questions.
  • Get more buying decisions today by kicking their "hopium" addiction.
  • Jump-start their own library of high-impact questions with dozens of examples.
  • Re-engage prospects who have started to ignore you.
  • Win the battle for mindshare with 10 sure-fire ways to stay in touch. 
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Speak Better:Delivery
The Science of Structure: How to captive your audience and get them to act! 
By Chad Hymas, CSP, CPAE
Chad HymasIn this intense, interactive session with Chad, you will discover how to captivate with a compelling opening. How to wrap up with a memorable and inspiring call-to-action. And, perhaps most importantly, how to hold your audiences' attention in the middle with humor, interaction and intriguing stories throughout the keynote address. Chad has mastered the art and science of the keynote, weaving a couple of stories into a profound, meaningful and unforgettable message. He's been interviewing other speaking greats to reveal their methods of making their presentation seem to magically flow and motivate. 

He'll put it all together and show you how to improve your message--whether or not you're a keynoter. 
  • Learn how to open, close and manage the pace in the middle so that your audience is captivated and ready to hear and act on your message.
  • Create emotional highs and lows, memorable moments and calls-to-action.
  • Decide and use the right mix of story, audience involvement, humor and powerful points to ensure your audience remembers what they need to know and feels the emotion it takes move them to action. 
Find, Craft, Customize and Deliver Stories with Impact.
By Craig Valentine, MBA
Craig ValentineWhat is the absolute most important skill you need in speaking? It is the ability to tell your story and make your point. And, when you do it right, it not only makes your message memorable, it makes YOU memorable. Bookable. Referable. So, what's your story? Make it sharp and effective. Need more stories, new stories? Craig will show you how to find them as he shares his storytelling formula to create spellbinding stories over and over again. 

In this high-impact, interactive program, he gives you the tools you need to:
  • Avoid the mistakes that put your stories on life support with your audience ready to pull the plug.
  • Tell irresistible stories that make unforgettable points.
  • Keep your audience members riveted from the beginning to the end of the story.
  • Let your stories create the buzz that brings you more business and abundant opportunities to tell even more of them. 
What's So Funny? How ANYONE Can Find, Inject, Create and Deliver Humor in ANY Presentation.
By Christine Cashen, CSP, MAEd
Christine CashenSeriously. We're going to skip the "why humor is important" stuff, because you know it is. Now learn how to use it to your advantage, regardless of how funny or not you or your topic is. This interactive hour will have you laughing, learning and kicking yourself and your topic into a high-humor gear. 

Christine will take you through her toolbox and show you how to: 
  • Create a fun room climate right from the get-go, using her ROFL method. (Less painful than ROLFing, and gets people primed to LOL.)
  • Have the audience fall in love with you before you even get on stage. (Bring your introduction and get ready for a re-write that has them at "Welcome.")
  • Take your stories to the next level--live demonstration of this-not-that techniques to tickle everyone's funny bones. 
Own the Stage and You Own the Hearts and Minds of Your Audience
By Mark Scharenbroich, CSP, CPAE
Mark ScharenbroichFrom the moment you walk into the room and until the last audience member has left, become the speaker that everyone can identify with, feel connected to and be moved by. Mix one part stage craft, one part memorable takeaway moments, and one part likeability factor, and you get an in-demand speaker. You get busy, and booked. 
Mark is going to build on and tie the proverbial bow around his fellow faculty-members' content by sharing: 
  • The 10 commandments that separate professional speakers from hacks.
  • The Like-Ability Factor: The difference between "Trying to Be Authentic" and "Truly Being Authentic."
  • A process to write solid material and create memorable takeaway moments that will bust through your blocks and amp up your creativity. 
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Opening General Session:
Going All In: The Key to Creating a Winning (and Profitable) Presentation 
By Nic Bittle 
Nic BittleIn a game of No-Limit Poker, to go "all in" and bet all your chips is either a sign of total confidence in your cards, or your ability to bluff. The same thing happens in presentations. Sometimes we're all in, giving them the best of what we've got - and then some. Other times we're bluffing, just going through the motions. Unlike poker, our audience may never know when we're bluffing; but we will always know. Nic Bittle will show you (with little to no poker analogies), what it means to go all in, and the difference it can make in creating winning presentations (not to mention better paydays, each and every time). 
Closing General Session:
The World Needs to Hear You!
By Mark LeBlanc
Mark LeBlancThe speaking profession is not for the faint of heart. A changing marketplace and the choices you face can be exhausting. Perhaps you feel called or compelled to speak and want to do more. You can. The opportunities to increase your impact and influence are unprecedented. If you are focused in the decisions you make and the steps you take-- every day-- you will generate the momentum you want and the level of success you desire.
About the Faculty:
Event Chair: 
Terri Langhans, CSP 

Terri LanghansTerri is the former CEO of a national ad agency and marketing firm that she started from scratch and sold to a publicly-traded Big Boy in the mid-1990s. She is now the COE--Chief of Everything--at Blah Blah Blah, her speaking and consulting business. Terri is also the author of The 7 Marketing Mistakes Every Business Makes & How To Fix Them, a book you can read in about an hour, but it will change the way you go about marketing forever. 
General Session Faculty: 
Nic Bittle 

Nic BittleCommonly referred to as The Bossman, Nic works with people who want to be their own boss, and small business owners who want to grow their business. He is a self-described serial entrepreneur and has owned his own business for over 15 years 
Mark LeBlanc

Mark LeBlancA veteran of the speaking profession, Mark speaks nationally on the best practices for growing a business. He is the author of Growing Your Business and Never Be the Same, inspired by his 500 mile walk across Northern Spain.
Speak More Faculty:
Marty Grunder 

Marty GrunderMarty is a life-long entrepreneur who credits his focus on the ideal client as the reason he's been successful. He's found success not only as the CEO of a multi-million dollar landscaping company, but also as a teacher and coach to countless landscapers and small business owners across the US and beyond, teaching them to first identify and focus on their ideal client, and then build the business around that.
Maribeth Kuzmeski, MBA, CSP

Maribeth KuzmeskiMaribeth is the author of seven books including, And The Clients Went Wild! and The Connectors (Wiley), and is a frequent national media contributor and international speaker. Maribeth and her firm Red Zone Marketing, Inc., consult with Fortune 500 firms on strategic marketing planning and business growth.  
Gerry Lantz

Gerry LantzGerry describes himself as a "creative guy in a business suit." After 27 years in marketing, advertising and communications, he has created STORIES THAT WORK®,a series of narrative-based tools, that help executives and corporations communicate more memorably and persuasively.He consults with corporations, communications companies, design firms, ad agencies and executives in New York and Philadelphia. 
Tim Wackel

Tim WackelTim is hired by sales executives who want their teams to be more successful at blowing the number away. His "no excuses" programs are insightful, engaging and focused on providing real-world strategies that salespeople can (and will!) implement right away. Sales teams from HP, Cisco, Wells Fargo, Toshiba, Dow and Philips Medical count on Tim to help them create more success in business and in life. 
Speak Better Faculty:
Chad Hymas, CSP, CPAE

Chad HymasAt 37 years of age, Chad is the one of the youngest people ever to receive the CPAE award and be inducted into the National Speaker Hall Of Fame. As a member of NSA, Chad spoke at over 220 events last year. He travels as many as 300,000 miles a year. 
Craig Valentine, MBA 

Craig ValentineCraig an award-winning speaker and trainer, has traveled to 19 countries helping speakers, executives, and salespeople turn their presentations into profits. He is the former Mid-Atlantic 3-times Salesperson of the Year for Glencoe/McGraw-Hill. Craig helps speakers master storytelling for better speaking. 
Christine Cashen, CSP, MAEd

Christine CashenChristine is a hilarious keynote speaker and author of, The Good Stuff, named 2011 Motivational Book of the Year by the Indie Book Awards. She has dazzled audiences for over 15 years with class, humor and wit, providing real-life strategies on sparking ideas, handling conflict, reducing stress and energizing employees.
Mark Scharenbroich, CSP, CPAE

Mark ScharenbroichWorking professionally since 1978, Mark has presented to more than 4,000 audiences in an extremely wide range of fields. Part motivational speaker, part thought-provoker and pure entertainer, Mark tells engaging stories on how to develop meaningful connections. Mark's credentials include: Emmy Award winner, author of the Benjamin Franklin Award™ Winner, Nice Bike - Making Meaningful Connections on the Road of Life. International film awards for his film, The Greatest Days of Your Life...(so far). Telly Award Winner.
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