Wednesday, May 15, 2013

News Release Contest -- Send Unlimited Releases

News Release Contest

Easy To Send  
– Unlimited Releases
 – Those that receive the Most Visits Get an Upgraded Account

See "Who Gets" & "How Sent" Inside
– You Reach Google News, LexisNexis & more. 

The News Media loves us:
* "Dial-an-Expert" – The New York Times  
* "Invaluable Tool" – CNN  
* "dating service of PR" – PRWeek
You can send news releases without per-release costs.  
 - There are no upcharges:  
Open word count, embeds, videos, links, images included
– even your html or scripts can be included
– even e-mail opt-in forms so you get instant response 

You benefit – This e-mail is a guest pass for a no-charge press room page @ 
See who else is listed on your topics at right now.   

Your bottom line benefits. You are being gifted with the membership through June 14.   
You can send daily news releases about the profiled entity.
See all the member levels in the attached brochure and rate card at 
-- download the brochure with the "who gets" & "how sent" info at

Your News Releases benefit from your Press Room Page because they link together by topic 
– journalists can find many experts in our Expert Roundups at the site.  
You choose the topics for which you welcome contact on.  
You can see a PDF of the printed ExpertBook at

What's the contest?  
In four categories we'll award a Premiere membership with full page in the printed ExpertBook worth: 
$2,795 plus a Classic Membership worth $795.  
The contest runs to June 14.  
The categories are:
• Most visits to Press Room --  many of our clients have over 100,000 visits to their news releases.
• Most visits to page of an embed YouTube video – you have full control to post, edit and remove.
• Most visits to news release with your email opt-in form.  
• Most visits to a public service release for a non-profit or pro-bono account.

If you already have an account you benefit for all new accounts are listed below you in the Expert Rounds Up's, meaning every news release on your topics helps your press room get more visitors.'s the viral nature of the ExpertClick site.
All ships rise with the tide of new content.

If you don't have an account it is easy to set up the account: 
Register on-line at
a.         Choose Signature Monthly -- you get the comp account through June 14.
b.         For Participant, enter who the account is about. URL and location.
c.         For Subscriber, enter your information.
d.         You'll be able to fully control media contact info once registered.
e)         Do not enter a credit card.  (Yes, you need to check the $59 box, you are not charged.)
f)          In the special offer box, enter "Guest of Mitch from email to: <<<"
For any help, or if you prefer to have us do it all by phone please call us at (202) 333-5000.


Mitchell P.  Davis, Editor & Publisher
Direct:  (202) 333-4904.
Broadcast Interview Source, Inc.
2500 Wisconsin Ave, NW
Washington, DC  20007

Not sure or have a friend you'd like to nominate?
Visit and complete the front page nomination form.

Include your printed color PDF in the Talk Show Guest Directory
to top 150 TV-Cable-Radio interview shows
– Deadline May 31,  Call for details.