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June 20, 2013


01. There Simply is No Privacy

02. Lawsuit – NYPD Spying on Muslims

03. Interview U.S. Counterintelligence Expert

04. Kim & Kanye Named their Baby What?

05. Celebrity Stylist Shares Summer Fashion Tips

06. Surviving Summer Break with Kids

07. Good Job with the Heckler, Mrs. O!

08. The 10 Commandments of Work Success

09. More Reasons to Raise Your Ranking

10. Be Green and Clean

11. Before You Lift or Tuck

12. Oh No! You Have to Give a Toast!

13. Wedding Trend - Vintage Gowns

14. What Makes Happy People Different

15. Grocery Store – Better than a Pharmacy

16. Your Gut is Talking to You

17. Post-Divorce Advice for Any Age

18. House Sharing – Not Just for College Kids

19. If You Could Read Your Pet’s Mind

20. Who Cares about Obama’s Horoscope?



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01. ==> There Simply is No Privacy


Over the last few weeks Americans have gotten a lot of

bad news about our privacy. The government is tracing

our phone calls and they’re looking through our online

information and emails. Basically, anything you’ve ever

shared with anyone about anything on the internet has

(maybe) already been seen by the government! Feeling

paranoid? According tech expert Shelley Palmer,

“Nothing you do on the Internet is truly private, and

nothing you put on the Internet will ever really be

deleted. Surrendering your right to privacy is the

price of living an Internet-based ‘connected” life.’”

“He says, “When it comes to phone calls, there’s an

easy way to fly under the radar… use disposable cell

phones.” But, he says the issue isn’t as simple as

privacy vs. safety. “It’s a complicated issue and it

needs to be discussed. Is this the America you want to

live in? You get to make the choice!” Palmer is host

of NBC Universal’s weekly show Live Digital. He’s Fox

5's (WNYW-TV New York) tech expert and the host of

MediaBytes, a daily syndicated radio segment. Contact

him at (917) 886-1173;


02. ==> Lawsuit – NYPD Spying on Muslims


Religious leaders and civil rights advocates filed a

federal lawsuit this week charging the NYPD of spying

on Muslims. According to the suit, police are

undermining free worship by innocent people and the

widespread spying programs should be declared

unconstitutional. Rutgers University professor Deepa

Kumar says, “Muslim Americans have been living under a

nightmarish reality since the events of 9/11. They have

faced arrests, indefinite detention, torture,

deportation and surveillance. No human being should be

treated this way through the logic of 'guilt by

association.' This spying program -- as well as the

wholesale demonization of Muslims -- must stop." Kumar

teaches media studies and Middle Eastern studies at

Rutgers. She’s the author of “Islamophobia and the

Politics of Empire.” Contact her at (201) 683-0475;


03. ==> Interview U.S. Counterintelligence Expert


In a decades-long career identifying and hunting down

spies, terrorists and other enemies of the United

States, counterintelligence expert Chris Simmons became

a master in understanding human nature. He created the

now-trademarked paradigm called “Human Chess” based on

his unique life experiences that enabled him to become

one of the most successful spy catchers over the last

half century. He’ll explain how nonverbal communication

can be more important than anything that’s ever spoken,

and how he used that to catch more than 80 spies during

his long and successful career as a Counterintelligence

officer in the U.S. Army and the Defense Intelligence

Agency. Simmons has appeared on major network news

shows and has been featured in USA Today, the

Washington Times and other publications. Contact him at

(571) 201-7209;


04. ==> Kim & Kanye Named their Baby What?


We’ve heard everything from Kleopatra to Kaidence, so

what did Kim and Kanye name their daughter? And does it

matter? Invite Sharon Lynn Wyeth to use the science of

Neimology to explain how names shape everyone! For fun

show, ask her about the names of anyone – on your

staff, or your audience etc. Wyeth is a frequent radio

and television talk show guest. She’s an educator and

former school administrator and the author of the best

selling “Know the Name, Know the Person.” Contact her

at (210) 355-6115 (TX);


05. ==> Celebrity Stylist Shares Summer Fashion Tips


Sweaters are finally getting packed away across the

country and it’s time to bring out the summer stuff! So

what should you give to the thrift store and what are

this season’s new must-haves? Whether you need a new

pair of shoes or just want some fresh accessories,

celebrity stylist Felix Mercado will help you get the

biggest bang out of your closet this summer, and share

what’s hot – and what’s not – in fashion. Mercado is a

NY based celebrity style expert who regularly appears

on Fox News. His blog, “Shut Up and Wear it” offers

style and fashion advice. Contact him at (646)



06. ==> Surviving Summer Break with Kids


If your kids aren’t out of school already, it’s just a

matter of days until they’re sitting around the house

complaining they’re bored. Invite Tara Kennedy-Kline to

share 10 ways to make the next few months fun – and

free of conflict! “As a mother to a child on the Autism

spectrum, I get that raising children is tough even

when they are in school eight hours out of the day, so

the thought of having them home 24/7 is enough to make

even the coolest parent explode.” From setting rules

and boundaries about computer and TV time to planning

activities for the inevitable rainy day, Tara’s got

great tips on dealing with kids of every age, including

those with ADHD. Tara Kennedy-Kline is a family and

life coach and the author of “Stop Raising Einstein:

Discover the Unique Brilliance in Your Child and You.”

Contact her at (484) 824-2160 (PA);


07. ==> Good Job with the Heckler, Mrs. O!


A heckler recently interrupted the first lady while

giving a speech at a fundraiser and while it made

headlines, it also probably struck a nerve with anyone

with a fear of public speaking. Priscilla Richardson

says Michelle Obama showed the world how to handle it.

“She asked the heckler to come up to the mike and

deliver a speech herself. The heckler declined and then

left. Mrs. O. then asked the audience if they wanted to

hear her; they said yes; she continued.” He says the

first lady’s reaction showed everyone how to handle a

heckler smoothly and recover her audience. Priscilla

Richardson is the author of “Speak, Don't Freak: Six

Secrets to Master the Fear of Speaking.” Contact her at

(540) 992-1279;


08. ==> The 10 Commandments of Work Success


Do you covet your colleagues’ success? Use the

Internet for personal use while at work? Career

development expert Lizandra Vega reveals 10

Commandments that can make—or break—a successful

career, covering important aspects like ridding

yourself of entitlement issues, respecting your peers,

subordinates and superiors, and tainting your

professional image. Vega is a certified image

consultant, executive recruiter, and cofounder/managing

partner of a Manhattan-based boutique staffing company.

The author of “The Image of Success: Make a Great

Impression and Land the Job You Want”, she has helped

thousands of people with career development, interview

techniques, and verbal and non-verbal communication.

Contact her at (212) 796-1724 (NY);


09. ==> More Reasons to Raise Your Ranking


If you have a Twitter and Facebook account and will be

applying for a job at some point – or want to build

your business or personal brand – you need to know –

and likely boost – your Klout score. What is that? It’s

the all important number which could be anywhere from

zero to 100 that determines how influential you are in

the world around you. Miriam Slozberg, an expert on

search engine optimization and social media, can give

your audience the lowdown on what Klout is and how to

more of it. She says a low Klout score could kill your

chances for a new job while a high score might earn you

free dinners, airline tickets, upgraded hotel stays and

more. Slozberg is the author of “The Secrets to High

Social Media Rankings: How to Get Klout.” Contact her

at (905) 881-2135 (ON);


10. ==> Be Green and Clean


For most people, the smell of bleach makes them think

their surroundings are clean and germ free, but what

they really smell is death! Clean cleaning and

environmental expert Vince Elliott blames cleaning

supplies for the rising number of babies born with

birth defects, and cancer. He’ll share the realities of

dangerous chemicals and advice every family needs,

including how to keep your environment clean without

endangering your family’s health. He’ll also share

surprising facts: Did you know that World War II

mustard gas was made from bleach and vinegar? Elliott

is the founder of the Chemical Free Cleaning Network

and the author of “Your Home: Clean, Green, and

Dangerous,” and “The Extreme Green Cleaning Book.”

Contact him at (410) 584-8560 (MD);


11. ==> Before You Lift or Tuck


For every success story regarding cosmetic surgery,

there’s a horror story lurking just around the corner.

Dr. Barry Lyka says many of the mistakes people make

when it comes to cosmetic surgery can be avoided with

just a little foresight. He believes since most people

have to pay for cosmetic surgery out-of-pocket, they

look for ways to cut corners and get the best possible

deal, which often means sacrificing the quality of

care. He’ll help people get the results they want by

telling them know what to look for, the five questions

to ask a cosmetic surgeon, and the secret to getting

the results you want from any procedure. Lycka is one

of North America’s foremost authorities on cosmetic

surgery, skin cancer surgery, reconstructive surgery

and laser surgery of the skin. He operates a non-

hospital surgical facility in Canada, and is the author

of “Restoring Youth.” Contact him at (780) 425-1212



12. ==> Oh No! You Have to Give a Toast!


It’s wedding season and somebody has to toast the new

couple! Invite Katrin Kern and Chris Korbel to share

the essentials to making the perfect wedding toast and

the simple formula for creating a tribute the couple

they’ll remember for years to come. You’ll also learn

five things you should never mention in a wedding

toast! Katrin and Chris are personal public speaking

experts and popular authorities on special occasion

speeches and toasts. They’re creators of Make-a- Contact them at (310) 709-2051 (CA);


13. ==> Wedding Trend - Vintage Gowns


This wedding season, brides are proudly wearing dresses

their mothers or grandmothers might have worn, with

some modern touches. Learn why traditional styles have

so much allure, why Gatsby and Downton Abbey theme

weddings are all the rage, and when brides started

wearing white when you interview seasoned vintage

fashion historian Betty Kreisel Shubert. She’s designed

clothes and costumes for stage, screen, TV specials,

Las Vegas musicals, cruise lines and Disneyland and

previously owned a Hollywood costume shop. Shubert is

the author of "Out-of-Style: A Modern Perspective of

How, Why and When Vintage Fashions Evolved." Contact

her at (949) 581 5910;


14. ==> What Makes Happy People Different


Who doesn’t want to be happy? Many spend countless

years searching for it, but according to Domonique

Bertolucci, happiness begins with a choice. “So many

people are waiting to feel happy. They think they’ll be

happy when they’ve done this or achieved that. But the

truth is, enduring happiness is not a result of the

things you’ve done, but the person you’ve chosen to

be.” Invite Bertolucci on your show to share the secret

to living your best life and reveal 10 simple keys and

the role they play in creating lasting happiness and

fulfillment. Domonique Bertolucci is Australia's most

popular life coach. She’s the author of “Your Best

Life,” and “The Happiness Code.” Contact her at; skype:



15. ==> Grocery Store – Better than a Pharmacy


Millions of Americans take prescription drugs for

ailments and disease but they come with their own risk

of illness and even death. In fact, adverse drug

reactions are the leading cause of premature death. Dr.

Richard Ruhling says health is a direct reflection of

what you put into your body on a daily basis and that

everyone can feel better and reverse many medical

conditions by eating the right food. Invite Ruling to

share how he’s teaching people to reverse disease

instead of treat it, and how prescriptions mask

symptoms without providing a cure. “What I've

discovered is that medicine can make you sick, disable

and even kill you.” Bring Ruhling on your show to

explain how he’s helped patients go from taking 12

pills a day, to living drug-free and healthy. Richard

Ruhling, M.D., MPH, is a retired physician who taught

health science at Loma Linda University and now

conducts total health seminars. He’s the author of “Why

You Shouldn’t Ask Your Doctor: Choices that Can Save

Your Life.” Contact him at (928) 583-7543;


16. ==> Your Gut is Talking to You


Millions of Americans suffer from cramping, bloating,

diarrhea and other chronic digestive issues and they

spend countless dollars trying to feel better.

Internist Gregory Plotnikoff, M.D. and clinical health

psychologist Mark Weisberg, Ph.D., share their

revolutionary methods on how sleep, diet and stress can

be the cause and the cure and will explain why you

should literally ‘trust your gut’ to diagnose and heal

from stomach issues like IBS. You’ll learn how to

identify your particular type of gastrointestinal

distress, the brain/belly connection, and natural

remedies that really work. Dr. Plotnikoff and Dr.

Weisberg have developed a self-help program that helps

sufferers of chronic gut distress. Their book is “Trust

Your Gut.” Contact Pat Rose at (415) 978-2665, ext.



17. ==> Post-Divorce Advice for Any Age


Without a doubt, divorce is an upsetting experience,

but what happens when the divorce is final and it feels

like your life is over? Invite Barbara Miller to share

how to step into your new, single shoes with

confidence, whether you’re 30 or 60. She’ll cover

everything from handling friendships to coping with

feelings of rage, resentment and hate. She says you

don’t need the perfect spouse or perfect job to achieve

balance and success and will help your listeners

discover the inner strength to move on with their

lives. Barbara Miller is a motivational speaker and

life coach working to empower women by helping them

overcome negative thoughts and habits. She’s the author

of “You Lost Your Marriage, Not Your Life: How to

Create the Life You Want Your Way.” Contact her at

(239) 253-2579 (FL);


18 ==> House Sharing – Not Just for College Kids


You may think sharing a house is just for college

students and those in their 20s, but Annamarie Pluhar

says more older people are finding that shared housing

can be the solution to their financial woes. Invite her

to share tips on what to consider if you’re thinking of

opening your home to someone else, and how to find the

perfect housemate. Pluhar has lived in shared housing

for over 20 years and has developed a practical process

for selecting housemates. Her book is “Sharing Housing:

A Guide for Ding and Keeping Housemates.” Contact her

at (802) 451-1941 (VT);


19. ==> If You Could Read Your Pet’s Mind


For years, professional animal communicator Asia Voight

has helped animal owners understand their pets. Her

powers of intuition and her inspiring and amazing

stories of healing have been featured on television, in

books and the feature-length documentary Face2Face.

Invite her to share her experiences working with

animals as varied as dogs, cats, goats – even fish –

and talk about how every one of us can communicate with

our animal friends. She’ll even do on-air psychic

readings for pets. You’ll learn the surprising reasons

pet act out, how to straighten out your pets’

relationships with each other and how to help pets

heal. Asia Voight has been featured on ABC, NBC, Fox

and many other national and local media outlets. Her

work has appeared in several books including

“Extraordinary You: The Art of Living a Lusciously

Spirited, Vibrant Life.” Contact her at (608) 225-1925;


20. ==> Who Cares about Obama’s Horoscope?


Long ago, leaders consulted astrologers before going to

war or making other major decisions. What would Obama

learn if he did? Astrologer Janet Booth says that, more

than a mainstream “horoscope” can, an individualized

analysis compares upcoming planetary positions to

factors and patterns at a birth moment. It shows the

way out of traps and foretells new opportunities. Going

beyond the common techniques most astrologers check,

Booth offers an insightful look at what Obama’s charts

show including the similarities between his chart,

Lincoln’s and Reagan’s. You’ll hear which world leaders

may clash with and pose problems for Obama and why

Booth sees a shift from his diplomatic and negotiating

style to one that’s tough-minded and hard-nosed. Janet

Booth has been a professional astrologer for the past

30 years. A seasoned radio and television guest, she is

an avid political junky who also performs

improvisational comedy for fun. Contact her at (860)

232-4670 (CT);




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