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Thursday's Technology Showcase among the great new benefits for SIPA members

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013; Vol. 4, Issue 93
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Thursday’s Technology Showcase definitely worth a look
By Ronn Levine

You might have read here or heard at the Conference—or both—about the expanded benefits for SIPA members now as a part of SIIA. You will see listed more webinars, chapter dinners, policy briefings and networking events. One such benefit takes place this Thursday when you’ll have an opportunity to attend—either in person or by webcast—a Platform Publishing Technology Showcase, brought to you by the SIIA Content Division’s Content Technology Working Group. (Register here.)

The Showcase will take place at The McGraw-Hill Companies at 1221 Avenue of the Americas in New York from 1-6 p.m. And there is no cost to members. (Non-members must pay $195.) If you are responsible for product strategy or implementation for your information company, you shouldn’t miss this event. You will learn and understand how to create a publishing platform for your business that will help you create better, faster and cheaper products.

The list of speakers and presenters is impressive. Darrell Gunter, CEO of the Gunter Media Group, will give the opening comments. At the recent SIPA Conference, he spoke winningly about your performance dashboard and 10 management truths for the web age. Number two was, “In a digitally transforming business environment, bold leadership is vital.” That leadership means taking control of your website and the content you distribute. He equated losing that control to a department store selling you a suit in one location, a shirt in another and a tie somewhere else. “The stock sells the shelf,” he said.

The keynote for the afternoon, titled, “The 5 Platform Pillars for Publishers,” will be delivered by Isaac Sacolick, CIO/Vice President, Technology, McGraw Hill Construction. He joined McGraw Hill in 2007 as vice president of technology for BusinessWeek, launching Business Exchange, a web 2.0 content sharing network for business professionals. (The articles are prioritized by user activity.) Previously, he was the founder and chief operating officer of TripConnect, a web 2.0 social travel website for sharing travel reviews and questions with your connections and groups.

Sacolick writes a blog called Social, Agile, and Transformation, where he contemplates his role as a CIO and “futurist.” He posted a very interesting column yesterday about The Internet of Things. “At McGraw Hill Financial, I continue to bring a startup culture, innovation, and entrepreneur mindset to its businesses by transforming IT using a structured Agile Planning and Development practice. So at McGraw Hill Construction, we've developed a new set of Big Data Analytics capabilities and products that lets customers - largely building product manufacturers, general contractors, and subcontractors - size their market, target relationships, and prioritize prospects.” He’s had this blog since 2006! I will tune in to hear him on Thursday.

Other speakers include: Robert Haddock, CEO, Coosmic Corporation; Diane Burley, Chief Content Strategist, MarkLogic; Guillaume Mazieres, EVP, North America and Worldwide Publishing, TEMIS Inc.; Bryan House, VP, Product Marketing, Acquia, Inc.; Thomas Chaffee, President & CEO, ePublishing, Inc. (very familiar to the SIPA world); and John Felahi, Chief Strategy Officer, Content Analyst.

Chaffee, a former member of the band Styx in a previous life—did anyone catch him at the piano at last year’s Conference?—is always worth listening to. His well-attended session at this year’s SIPA Conference was titled, “Case Studies: Don’t Bring Green Bananas to the Mother Monkey, and Other Life Lessons From My Latina Mother-in-Law – How to Monetize Your Content More Effectively." I also can't wait to listen to the audio version of that session which will be out very soon.

There will also be a final session titled "Pulling It All Together" to demonstrate how the various concepts from the day tie together in a meaningful way. The speakers will offer case studies and a reality check so you can be as successful as possible with your platforms strategy. For those who attend in person, a cocktail hour and networking will conclude the afternoon.

Please take advantage of this great new benefit of SIPA membership and either drop in or tune in for this strategy- and technology-packed afternoon. Register now!



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