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The Deception of Bestseller Lists 
Do the national bestseller lists actually measure what they claim? Any publisher will tell you they do not--- unless a book has appeared on several lists for several months. So how should you really measure the success of your books? Let's talk basics surrounding bestseller lists...Read More...  
The long road to economic recovery in the meetings industry is based on several factors. Business and government leaders who continue to discourage meetings aren't doing us any favors. The growing hassles associated with air travel aren't helping either. And the efforts to replace face-to-face meetings with technological substitutes are doing...Read More...
Create, Don't Copy
My first question to my new client was, "So, what's your topic and approach?" He responded, "My topic is innovation. I developed my methodology by reading everyone's books on this subject, collecting the best tips and synthesizing them into a 10-step plan." I looked at him, a little shocked that the irony of this hadn't occurred to him. I said...Read More...
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