Monday, June 10, 2013

Fracking / Lottery / Obama-care / Surveillance.

Fracking / Lottery / Obama-care / Surveillance.

June 10, 2013

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*Are fracking fluids the chemical industry’s way of disposing toxic chemicals, while polluting earth’s ground waters?
Are fracking fluids the chemical industry's way of disposing toxic chemicals, while polluting earth's ground waters at an unprecedented rate? 

As a former oil industry research chemist - - 1970/71, Standard Oil of Indiana, Whiting, IN - -, and former professor of chemistry at RU, Chicago), I am familiar with fracking, the process of recovering natural gas from shale. 

*Texas Lottery, How to Get the 70-Percent Lottery Advantage
"More than 70 percent of all first prize Lotto Texas 6/54 jackpots are won with this simple formula. Get the Seventy-Percent Advantage with each set of lotto numbers you choose," says Gail Howard, internationally recognized lottery expert. 

*Americans for Free Choice in Medicine Insert for Talk Show Guest Directory

*Living in the Government's Fishbowl

*Free Printable Business Plans

*Lead Generation Software Basics: Tips for a Successful Online Lead Generation

*Paving the way for the circular economy, keynote by Prof. Herman Wijffels

*Protected: MP3 Links to 2013 AERO Conference Audio

*Publishing Predator Update Hello Author Solutions Hello Class Action Lawsuit

*Publishing Predator Author Solutions in Class Action Lawsuit

*Natives Are Not Gun-Rights Mascots - Indian Country Today Media Network

*Podiatrist Has One of Largest Private Libraries Of Foot Books

*Wealth Begins In Your Head

*An Unwanted Finger in My Food

*You Are Not As Old As You Think You Are

*Spanish singer and actress Sara Montiel became an international hit in the movie El Ultimo Cuple in 1957

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*FREE, as promised in my radio interview

*Catholic Bishops Sucked Into Obama Hit on Freedom, says Gun Dean

*Your Value Proposition

*Tips to Help Financial Advisors Market to MD's This Summer

*Living in the Government's Fishbowl

*Bookviews - June 2013

*Sean Weafer on Building Your Business Relationships

*Join our US Veteran Ministry

*Connected Economy Alignment is Value

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