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June 17, 2013
It's official! I'm moved! I got rid of three boxes and what do you
know--a knock on the door with more boxes. I guess I'll be unpacking
for a very long time.
But I just love my new place and the view is spectacular. The pets
settled in well and seem to love the sunshine that pours in. I can't
believe that it was so smooth a transition, but I love change so it
has been fabulous.
Spent Saturday night with old friends who I've known since the 9th
grade--whew--great to see them and renew thoughts, memories and good
times. Also went to a seminar on branding Friday and it's always nice
to review methods and listen to new ones. Got a second opinion on my
knee and this doctor wants to treat it with arthritis medicine first
so I am now on my fourth day of pills and so far so good.
Was interviewed for a magazine called "The Suit" which features business
advice and success stories. 
Can't tell you what a weight off my shoulders I have now that I am 
renting, but I also have to sell my home of 45 years, so that's in the
works now. Will let you know when it happens.
Question and Answer:
Q: I feel like something is missing from my life even though I have a
wonderful family and loving husband. I just wake up thinking "Is that
all there is." I feel guilty feeling this way because I have nothing to
be sorry about, but there is a piece of me that's empty. Any thoughts?
A: What you're feeling is very natural. Sometimes we have been so busy
doing for everyone else and taking care of our every day necessities
that we suddenly wake up one day and say "Where did the time go?" The
most terrific thing is that you have a loving husband and family. So
ask yourself, "If I could add one thing to my life right now, what 
would it be?" and then go about doing it. You may just need a change,
or a new interest, or the stimulation of a small shock to your system.
You are very fortunate in your life, so add just one more small piece.
1. You have the ability to make the world a much better place through
everything you do, the choices you make, the decisions you reach, and
how you feel about yourself.
2. Remember that it takes our bodies 24 hours to recover from five
minutes of negative thinking or negative influences.
3. Have energy in your voice and your walk, and you will make a great
first impression.
                     PLAN AHEAD FOR SUCCESS
The difference between success and failure is discipline and commitment.
Don't over-think or over-analyze it--just do it and track yourself. Look
for the circumstances you want in life, and if you can't find them, create
Begin by setting goals immediately. Find three things you'd like to 
accomplish in the next 12 months. You may think a year is a long time if
you now have trouble planning tomorrow, but a year can be a short time when
you look back critically and question where the time went and what was
You need to consider now how to invest your next 365 tomorrows. Part of
that is making decisions. And there are no completely right or wrong
decisions. Not to decide, is to decide. Making decisions is half the 
battle. The mere fact you can use your mind in logical reasoning gives
you a tremendous jump on most people.
You cannot look back with regret, only ahead with learning and experience.
Learn from others. Observe them and see what pleases you and what you'd
like to change. If you find yourself shaking your head and saying, "There
ought to be a better way," find it!
With technology the way it is, it is easy to see how other people live,
other systems work and some trials and errors others have experienced. 
You need people you would otherwise never encounter and get insight and
motivation from their experiences.
You also increase awareness of language and vocabulary, phrasing and how
to get an idea across, and how to communicate if you include reading in
that. There are no barriers to the written word, except the ones you place
yourself. Share in the multitude of information available to you. Learn
to see through other people's eyes.
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