Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Re: Please Reply With News Release.

Hi, Mr. Davis, 

Thank you so much for telling me about this service.  We would love to be able to get news releases pushed out for the public or journalists to see, but we just don't have the funds right now
to spend on this service.  

We have applied for grants, but haven't been able to secure one yet to help us with our 50-state VA Hospital Tour.   We would love to find a business sponsorship to help us financially, but no luck yet.  I would love to be a spokesperson for a brand that would be closely aligned with what we do---something along the lines of Veteran or Military business, or pin-up, fashion, make-up, vintage business. 

We hope one day, we can take advantage of your wonderful services, but unfortunately right now, we have very little funds to work with.    All of the good press release services are beyond our budget, so 
we, for now, have to rely on word of mouth or Facebook and Twitter to get the word out about our organization and what we do. 

I am so appreciative of the help and suggestions you have offered us in the past.  Thank you so much for thinking of us.

With much appreciation, 
Gina Elise
Pin-Ups For Vets
501(c) 3  Non-profit Organization

On Jun 18, 2013, at 8:07 AM, Mitchell P. Davis wrote:


Please Reply With News Release.

To: Gina Elise
Gina Elise -- Pin-Ups For Vets

Three – REALLY EASY – New ways to send news releases.

1) Connect your Blog, so every time you blog news content – presto it goes live.
2) Simply connect your e-mail newsletter and every time you send your enewsletter it will also be sent at News Release Wire.
3) Have us set up in an inbound e-mail access point for you – all you then do is email your release in, and the email subject automatically becomes the headline – text is your news release.

…. And don't forget we do offer full customer service so if you simply need to send now
 and don't have time right now to figure it all out
 – just reply with your news and we'll send it out for you.    
After we get your news out we'll figure out the best method for you in the future.

You can include video, e-mail, opt-in forms.
The result being every time your blog or send out your e-list -- 
You reach beyond social media with Google News and Lexis.
Your news releases goes out ten ways – see who gets your news and how here:

All 100% automated – set it up once, then lean back – we do the push for you.

Here's a three minute video summary: 

So, please reply today with one of:

1) A news releases we can send out for you.
2) A link to your blog where we can pick up your news.
3) The site where we can opt-in to your e-mail newsletter. 

I'll set this up for you today. Yes, full support is what we offer!
Or call me at:  (202) 333-5000 and I can do all by phone.  


Mitchell Davis
Editor & Publisher
Broadcast Interview Source, Inc.
2500 Wisconsin Ave., N.W.
Washington, DC  20007

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