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 Friday, June 14, 2013


Celebrate Summer Fridays
Welcome to .BIZ Summer Reading
"You can fire a cannon and not hit anybody," said a former boss of mine. He was referring to Fridays, particularly those that occur after Memorial Day, at a firm I used to work for...That about sums up what Fridays in the summer are all about... Some people are fortunate enough to get a jump on the weekend... Others "work" from home... That leaves the rest of us to check Facebook, catch up on ...
Intern or Babysitter? You be the Judge
By Susan M. Tellem, Partner, Tellem Grody PR, Inc.
Just a few short weeks after my Op Ed about paying interns appeared in the Los Angeles Business Journal, I awoke to find that the New York Times reported on a lawsuit filed against a movie studio by an intern who claimed he and others should have. been paid during the making of the "Black Swan." What was particularly disturbing about this article was that it quoted a fact from ...
Your Resume: 4 Reasons Why The Margins Count
The Hiring Hub...By Marie Raperto
It's Friday and you just want to think about enjoying the weekend. Think about the margin of time it will take to get to the beach or, while you get there, how to marginalize your tan lines. Read a good book and write notes in the margins or you can enjoy some umbrella-topped drinks until you feel marginal sensations. Get the point? Today's blog is all about margins. As someone who ...
Mary Berner on the Power and Future of Printed Magazines
The Mr. Magazine™ Minute Mini-Series: Bullish on Print Magazines. Part 1 of 5
In the first of five Mr. Magazine™ Minutes mini-series with top magazine media executives, the president and CEO of the MPA: The Association of Magazine Media Mary Berner tells Samir "Mr. Magazine™" Husni why she is bullish about the future and power of print magazines and magazine media.
Three Things a Father Must Teach His Kids About Managing Their Money
By Cary Siegel
As a father of five teenagers, it feels like all I do every day is teach my kids lessons. These lessons span a wide range of topics -- from "how to treat others," to "being a team player," to "exude confidence not cockiness." It has taken me years to determine the most important lessons pertaining to personal ...


Reputation and PR: A Follow-Up
By Mark Weiner, CEO, PRIME Research Americas
In response to Tom Watson's post in IPR's Research Conversations blog on May 28, I agree that reputation resides in the minds of one's stakeholders and it is they who grant the benefits of a good reputation based upon their direct and indirect experiences with the organization in question. For PR, I wonder about the reputation of the profession among our most important stakeholder group: ...
What Does 'Off the Record' Really Mean?
For the Agile Engagement Channel
Donald Mazzella, COO and editorial director of Information Strategies, Inc., explains the origin of the term: "Merriman Smith, the old national UPI correspondent, told me it was a term from the Franklin Roosevelt presidency, where he would bring reporters into his office and tell them stuff and say, "Remember, boys, this is off the record.'" Today, when people say ...
A Mobile Minute with theIRapp™
For the Mobile IR Channel
Fascinating facts about the explosion of mobile apps. Check out this video from theIRapp™.
Sustainable Infrastructure: AECOM's Hunt for Context & Materiality
By Gary Lawrence, Chief Sustainability Officer, AECOM, for the Corporate Social Responsibility Channel
The world's infrastructure and economic systems are in a precarious state and a lack of investment in established markets, dramatic population growth in developing countries and unanticipated natural disasters around the world ...
Content Marketing
FREE WEBINAR TODAY, for the Effective Email Marketing Channel
Content marketing is an essential tactic for modern marketers looking to draw in prospects, maintain their interest, convert them, and maintain a relationship with them as a loyal customer. But many marketers only see content marketing as white papers, blogging, and case studies-in reality, there is so much more to content. Join us starting at 10:30am ET on June 14 for Digital Marketing ...
ASK THE RECRUITER: An Open Discussion for Job Search & Hiring Tips
This webinar is an open forum for sharing your questions and comments with Marie Raperto, executive recruiting professional and the voice of The Hiring Hub blog. Marie's insights for both the job seekers and employers include practical and tactical tips for:Writing winning resumes and cover letters; Writing job ...


Rupert, You've Got to Get Back Out There: a Dating Guide for the Older Gentleman
GQ (British)
The dating rules for the average octogenarian billionaire are different. The news that 82 year old Rupert Murdoch will once again be on the market after ending his third marriage is of course regretful, but frankly we advice him not to dwell too much on the past. It's tough in the modern age to find people with the same interests - for instance a love of News Corp, fine wines, transcendental meditation and manipulating major governments on a whim.
Father of the 401(k): It Could Be Better
American Public Media Marketplace
Ted Benna -- also known as the father of the 401(k) -- is a decidedly un-Wall Street guy. He grew up on a Pennsylvania dairy farm. "My dad did a great thing for me there," he tells Marketplace. "I had my own cow when I was seven years old, and we got paid a little money from that."
Thanks To This Startup, You Can Now Text E.T.
Fast Company
A historic satellite complex built for Apollo 11 is now beaming messages to potential extraterrestrial life--and you can send any texts or JPG you want out into space for the aliens to see. Are we prepared for what the aliens will think of us?
Mommy Blog or a Glossy Fashion Magazine?
New York Times
The first wave of mommy blogs (pre-Facebook) were simple family updates, like year-round Christmas letters. The second wave were confessional soap boxes for mothers with dirty laundry to air (like, attracting devoted readerships, advertising dollars and eventually public mimicry. The third, it seems, are jaw-droppingly art-directed, sort of like a glossy fashion magazine on the newsstand.
The Wedding Industry's Pricey Little Secret
That widely used "average wedding cost" figure is grossly misleading. Here's a much more accurate number. Weddings are expensive. There's no way around it. Well, maybe one. But for most couples, eloping doesn't start to seem like a really good idea until you're neck-deep in the wedding planning process, and by then it's too late.
Astronaut Wives: The Women Behind the First Nasa Astronauts
In 1959, when Nasa selected the seven astronauts they hoped would help the US win the Cold War space race, their wives were also thrust into the international spotlight. An apparently happy marriage was a pre-requisite for anyone hoping to go into orbit because the US government wanted to broadcast an image of the perfect American family to the rest of the world. But Lily Koppel, author of The Astronaut Wives Club, says the women's lives were not always picture perfect at home.
Bill Gates: Three Things I've Learned From Warren Buffett
I'm looking forward to sharing posts from time to time about things I've learned in my career at Microsoft and the Gates Foundation. (I also post frequently on my blog.) Last month, I went to Omaha for the annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting. It's always a lot of fun, and not just because of the ping-pong matches and the newspaper-throwing contest I have with Warren Buffett. It's also fun because I get to learn from Warren and gain insight into how he thinks.
11 More Shameless Cronut Knockoffs Around the World
Eater National
Another week, another crop of people ripping off Cronut inventor Dominique Ansel's wildly successful Cronut. Because the word "cronut" is trademarked by Ansel, this group of impostors took their cue from previous fakers (like these and these) with names like: Kronuts, Doughsánts, Croughnuts, Doissants, and the perfectly simple Croissant Doughnut.
Rupert Murdoch Divorce: The Financial Breakdown (Analysis)
Hollywood Reporter
Details of the mogul's prenup with Wendi Deng are unknown, but Murdoch's 1999 divorce entailed a whopping $1.7 billion settlement. Unlike what could be a very lucrative upcoming split of News Corp. into two companies, company founder Rupert Murdoch's announced split from third wife Wendi Deng ought to cost the media mogul plenty of money. Exactly how much is yet to be determined.
What Social Media Reveals About Narcissism
Huffington Post
A small new study shows how exactly we use social media to feed our egos.The research, published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior, shows that Twitter fuels younger adults' narcissistic tendencies by acting as a megaphone for their thoughts, while Facebook fuels middle aged adults' narcissistic tendencies by serving as a mirror where they can curate images of themselves.
Prime San Francisco Parking Spot Sells For $82,000
Fox Business
A San Francisco real estate agent recently sold a parking spot a block from AT&T Park for $82,000. Sean Sullivan, the real estate agent, told that the building's location is ideal, with tech firms like Instagram popping up in the area. He pointed out that the area is flush with eateries and a marina is nearby for boating enthusiasts.
Steven Spielberg and George Lucas Predict 'Massive Implosion' in Film Industry
The Verge
George Lucas and Steven Spielberg think the film industry is heading towards a cliff. The pair behind some of the most successful franchises in movie history think that conservative programming choices and rapidly evolving distribution schemes have set the stage for a massive upheaval - and internet-based services may become the dominant medium when moviegoing as we know it crashes and burns.
To Tip or Not to Tip... Or Should it be Banned?
A New York restaurant has banned tipping to spare customers the bother, while restaurants in other US cities have already replaced the gratuity with a fixed optional service charge. So is the discretionary tip falling out of favour in the land where it's king?
Birthday Song's Copyright Leads to a Lawsuit for the Ages
New York Times
The song "Happy Birthday to You" is widely credited for being the most performed song in the world. But one of its latest venues may be the federal courthouse in Manhattan, where the only parties may be the litigants to a new legal battle.


Murdoch Seeks Divorce After 14 Years of Marriage
New York Times
Rupert Murdoch has filed for divorce from his wife of 14 years, Wendi Deng Murdoch, with whom he has two daughters, according to a filing with New York State Supreme Court. A spokeswoman for Mr. Murdoch's media company, News Corporation, confirmed that Mr. Murdoch had made the filing, which said that the "relationship between husband and wife has broken down irretrievably."
Caterpillar Drops Boy Scouts Support Over Gay Ban
The Item
Caterpillar Inc. is no longer giving money to the Boy Scouts because the organization discriminates against homosexuals, a spokeswoman for the Illinois-based heavy equipment manufacturer confirmed Thursday.The company's move wasn't directly tied to the recent Boy Scouts decision to continue to bar homosexual adults from roles within the organization while allowing openly gay children to be scouts.
American Airlines Adding More Seats To Make Use Of All That Wasted Legroom
American Airlines' fleet of planes are renowned for their extravagant interior design, which pampers passengers with an almost obscene abundance of legroom. Their aircraft-nay, their Floating Palaces-are verily the zenith of luxury aviation; traveling with American, whether in Coach or Business Class, is often compared to being cradled on your own private cloud, with so much room to spread out that one often feels a little lonely! So it comes as some relief that the airline will be bringing its community of passengers a little closer together by adding more rows of seats.
AEG CEO Describes Jackson as Forceful Businessman
The head of AEG Live LLC told jurors Wednesday that he knew Michael Jackson as a sophisticated, forceful businessman and not the drugged-up performer who's been described throughout an ongoing civil trial filed over the singer's untimely death. Jackson was a far more complex figure than has been portrayed during the trial of a case filed by the singer's mother against AEG Live over her son's death, said Randy Philips, the company's president and CEO.
Sarah Palin Returns to Fox News Channel as a Commentator
The Los Angeles Times
Sarah Palin and Roger Ailes have evidently made up.The former Alaska governor will return as an on-air commentator on Ailes' Fox News Channel next week, the network announced Thursday. She'll also nab a role on its sister network, ...
You Thought You Had Privacy Before the NSA Leak? What About Facebook?
Daily Beast
Your privacy has already been invaded by Facebook and the other tech giants that collected the data in the first place. If the government is turning into Big Brother in an effort to safeguard the homeland, then the tech companies are Rich Uncles, intent on getting ever richer. And for Facebook and the others, data translate to advertising dollars.


Yoga Pants Maker Can Survive PR Nightmare - Retail Expert
There's nothing see-through about how Lululemon Athletica will overcome its recent image nightmare. Just sell more of the pants once they are no longer so sheer that nothing is left to the imagination, a Wall Street expert told TODAY on Thursday. There's no reason that the clothing maker, forced to withdraw the line because they failed the bend-over test, cannot survive that public relations disaster and also the loss of its charismatic CEO and a resulting stock plunge, Dana Telsey said.
AirPR Launches its Curated PR Marketplace to Play Matchmaker Between Startups and Agencies
The Next Web
Today after a one year period of closed beta, AirPR opened its pubic relations marketplace to the world, and expanded its industry verticals to include lifestyle, and consumer goods genres. Previously, AirPR focused on technology companies; technology firms remains part of its mix. Its model is simple to understand: AirPR works to link its pre-screened top PR talent to companies willing and able to pay for real talent. In an email to TNW, AirPR noted that some refer to it as the of PR.
American Express Eyes UK PR Support
The Holmes Report
LONDON--American Express is understood to be in talks with UK firms regarding its PR activities in the market.The credit card company works with MHP in the UK, while international duties are handled by Ogilvy PR.The process is understood to be at an early stage, and may not necessarily involve a wholesale restructuring of AmEx's existing agency relationships.
Cision Launches Content Marketing Suite
Cision launched a new content marketing suite to help brands create, amplify, and analyze their branded content. Through the new suite, customers create stories through their brand's social newsrooms, amplify those stories on top publisher sites like Time, USA Today, TMZ, The Food Network and Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and analyze the results of their campaigns."Branded content is fast becoming a necessity in any integrated communications, marketing or PR program," said Peter Granat, CEO of Cision.


Yahoo Continues Buying Spree, Grabbing Rondee, GhostBird
PC Magazine
After its $1.1 billion acquisition of Tumblr last month, Yahoo this week continued it buying spree, picking up two additional startups. Marissa Mayer and Co. Wednesday announced the acquisition of the iOS photo-editing app maker GhostBird, and followed it up with the purchase of Rondee, an enterprise conference calling service.
Gannett Posts Biggest Gain Since 2009 on Belo Deal
USA Today
Shares of Gannett, the parent company of USA TODAY, rallied 34% on Thursday, its biggest daily percentage gain in four years, as investors cheered the media giant's purchase of TV operator Belo.Gannett (GCI) stock rallied $6.75, or 34.01%, to $26.60, marking the stock's highest level since 2008.
Coty Falls in Trading Debut After Raising $1 Billion in IPO
Coty Inc. (COTY), maker of perfumes endorsed by Beyonce and Heidi Klum, dropped in New York trading after raising about $1 billion on behalf of existing holders in an initial public offering Wednesday.The stock fell less than 1 percent to $17.36 as of 4:02 p.m. Coty's owners including the billionaire Reimann family sold 57.1 million shares for $17.50 each, after offering them for $16.50 to $18.50 apiece.
News Corp CFO Retires, Nallen Named CFO of 21st Century Fox
News Corp said its Chief Financial Officer David DeVoe would retire following the company's separation into two business at the end of June.The company said Deputy Chief Financial Officer John Nallen will become CFO of 21st Century Fox, which will hold News Corp's media and entertainment businesses.
Smith & Wesson Expects Higher Fourth-Quarter Results; Shares Rise
Gun maker Smith & Wesson Holding Corp said it expected to report higher fourth-quarter results, sending its shares up 6 percent in extended trading. Mass shootings such as the Newtown school massacre and the Aurora theater shooting have triggered fierce gun control debates in the United States and prompted President Barack Obama to push for legislation to curb gun violence.


Microsoft, Like Samsung, Will Open Stores Inside Best Buys
The Los Angeles Times
Microsoft will expand its retail reach by opening hundreds of stores inside Best Buy locations across the U.S. The Redmond, Wash., tech giant announced the new partnership with the electronics retailer Thursday, saying the Windows Store will give Microsoft more ways to showcase its devices to customers....
Mona Lisa's Smile is Lit Up By Toshiba
The world's most famous smile portrayed in Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece Mona Lisa has been lit up with LEDs supplied by Toshiba.The lighting of the Mona Lisa and other important paintings at Paris' Louvre museum, has seen the manufacturer's luminaires being used for the building's interior for the first time.
Why Dads Get Short Shrift on Father's Day -- and Dads Are O.K. With It
Time Magazine
When it comes to their respective days of honor, why do dads get funny ties and moms get diamond-heart necklaces? Why do we spend 40% more on Mother's Day than Father's Day? Some seemingly ungrateful children (and a few dads) offer explanations.


Disruptive Selection: Nature's Way of Weeding Out the Average Business
Brian Solis
Corporate Communications
"Spam handling" the new pan handling?
Public Relations
A handful of tools
Seth Godin
Public Relations
The subtitles hijack
The 10-Step Road Map To Promoting Webinars
Ducttape Marketing
15 Big Brand Lessons From The 2013 Corporate Social Media Summit
Rohit Bhargava

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