Friday, June 14, 2013

Re: [ Included ] Automatic Sending of Your News Releases.

Please cancel my membership for now.  It hasn't really worked for me.  I will join up again when I have news to put out.

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On Wed, May 29, 2013 at 12:53 PM, Mitchell P. Davis <> wrote:

 [ Included ] Automatic Sending of Your News Releases.

** Connect Your Content to News Release Wire.

[Paid]  Include a printed color page in the ExpertBook in June.
Reach the Top 150 TV-Cable-Radio Interview Programs.
Cost:  $147 – see other PDFs already included at:

With RSS live feed you can sit back:
** Your news and all content automatically load.
** Simple hookup – unlimited syndication to:
        ** Google News
        ** Lexis
        ** On your topics for Expert Round Ups.
** You get great SEO -- to lift your site rank and lots more inbound links.
** You can add your e-mail opt-in automatically – to get more leads. 
To get set up, please call me:  (202) 333-4904.

Need to reach out right away?
Get Extra Reach to the Top 150 TV-Cable Interview Programs.
Must RSVP by Friday to include your PDF

Call me direct at (202) 333-4904 – Rings on my desk
Or Fax back to Facsimile # 202.342.5411

[___]  Yes – include my PDF --  Cost $ 147
Card # ___________________________  Ex: ____/_____


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